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From Teaching Tolerance Magazine

"A wealth of scenarios, exercises, and practical information in the book illustrate the importance of diversity in achieving equity, intercultural understanding, and cooperative success."
-Teaching Tolerance Magazine



"The material is very well organized and up to date. It is also wonderfully accurate. Prior to finding Mr. Bucher's text I had to pull from various sources to find well cited and supported statistics/facts and resources. It seems that each time there starts to be a gap in the material, Mr. Bucher is already addressing it and there is an updated text. This is the only text I know that when it is updated, it is significant so it remains up to date and accurate. Most other texts will just change a few things here and there. The students have also stated that they feel it is very well organized, easy to follow and understand. They love the examples and resources. What I love about the text is that it is informational and it provides a sound base for the learner to start from. It does not try to be everything to everyone but rather it provides a wonderful balance of information in a general way that still stimulates deeper thought. This text has made teaching the information so much easier. It has also allowed me to have more time in the course to expand because the book lays the foundation so well that we can build on it and have deeper conversations." -- LaVonne Fox, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  "The best diversity book I have ever read. Diversity Consciousness weaves everything together to give the reader a clear understanding of diversity issues and effectiveness. It opens your mind to understanding other perspectives as well as your own. It does an excellent job of making one self-aware, which is critically needed in today's society." -- Captain Dennis J. Delp, Baltimore County Police Department

 "Bucher's case studies are a pedagogical gold mine." --Matthew Oware, DePauw University (from book review that appeared in Teaching Sociology) 

"A concise and challenging exploration of diversity. For several years I have been looking for a simple text to use with students to examine issues of diversity. This is it! Bucher presents in 7 short chapters an overview that includes a broad range of issues, balanced theory with practical application, useful and challenging activities. I plan to use this not only with my sociology students but also with human resource personnel who are trying to be more effective managers of diversity. Good work!"
Joel Frank, reviewer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Focusing on personal growth and empowerment, this engaging study helps readers develop the ability to understand, respect, and value diversity, and demonstrates how opening one's mind to the views of other peoples and cultures is central to a satisfying and successful life—both personally and professionally. Offers current, thorough, and deeply insightful discussions on diversity and workplace issues—what they are, their significance, and their relevance to the reader; discusses concepts such as teamwork, conflict management, racism, prejudice, and communication in a clear and concise fashion; and zeroes in on the relationship between an employee's success in the workplace and his/her ability to develop flexibility in their thinking so that they can positively and effectively deal with a variety of diversity issues. Integrates many real-life experiences and perspectives throughout, encourages journal-writing, and promotes understanding with many interactive exercises, including those developed for Internet use.For teacher training education courses, staff/professional development workshops, professionals in business management and human relations, or for anyone who wants a self-reflective and proactive guide to understanding today's issues of diversity."

-Editorial Review (



From College Professors

"It [Diversity Consciousness] is an extremely important topic that needs to be understood by all students in this rapidly shrinking world of global, rather than local, problems and opportunities."
-Jim Cebulski, University of South Florida

"Based upon my years of experience in business and as a college professor, Diversity Consciousness is a must read. Our world is becoming more diverse, not less. And how we view and appreciate diversity can put us on a path to enjoy a rich, rewarding life - or a life full of unnecessary difficulties and discomfort. Rich Bucher has written a book that sensitizes the reader to diversity issues and links the development of our diversity consciousness to our personal success. Diversity Consciousness uses a number of student stories that describe real life experiences with diversity issues. These stories set the stage for the reader to understand key diversity concepts. And they reinforce the importance for respecting and valuing diversity. Diversity Consciousness is clearly well researched. And Rich Bucher has written it in a thoughtful manner so the reader can not only grasp the range and depth of a wide range of diversity concepts but can also apply critical skills to address diversity issues we experience in everyday life. Read. Embrace. Use Diversity ConsciousnessYou will feel better off for doing so. I do"
-Gary Izumo, Moorpark College

"Diversity Consciousness is impressive because it is not a mere diatribe on the need for diversity. Bucher extensively incorporates and cites classic and current empirical research, plus works by well known writers, to better help the reader understand what he means by diversity and its growth locally and globally." -Matthew Oware, DePauw University (from Teaching Sociology)

Diversity Consciousness is user friendly, that is, the students find it easy to read and yet it does not achieve this by “dumbing down” the content.  Also, the organization of the book seems to help the student move through what can be a very difficult and troubling subject.”
- John Rushing, Barry University 

"College Students must know and understand diversity in order to value it and to develop a diversity consciousness which allows them to negotiate their way through personal, college, and workplace communities. I believe students will respond well to this [Diversity Consciousness] textbook overall . . . they will especially appreciate the student's voices represented in the text.
-Kathleen C. York, Community College of Denver



From a Business Diversity Consultant

Diversity Consciousness  can provide an inclusive roadmap for understanding and dialoguing about differences.  I wish that this book had been available to me as an undergraduate.  What I value in this book are the stories, the exercises and opportunities to listen through others about their experiences on various topics.  The tools in this book and the dialogue are essential to having an understanding of how to navigate through our diverse society."

Brenda Thompson
Principal Consultant for Diversity, MGM Mirage