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(Organizations listed below)

American Folklife Center
The American Folklife Center preserves and presents American folk life. Established by Congress in 1976, the Center and its collections have grown to encompass all aspects of folklore and folk life from this country and around the world. 

American Memory 
Developed by the Library of Congress, American Memory is a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the U.S. The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.

Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies

The Balch Institute is a multicultural library, archive, museum, and education center. With education as its primary focus, the Institute's mission is to promote greater inter-group understanding by documenting and presenting America's ethnic and racial experiences. This site includes links to descriptions of diversity awareness workshops and public education programs.

Center for Applied Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (CREDE) 
CREDE is a federally funded research and development program focused on improving the education of students whose ability to reach their potential is challenged by language or cultural barriers, race, geographic location, or poverty.

Conflict Research Consortium 
The Conflict Research Consortium is a multidisciplinary program of research, teaching, and application, focused on finding more constructive ways of addressing conflict. The Consortium unites researchers, educators, and practitioners from many fields for the purposes of theory building, testing, disseminating, and applying new conflict management techniques.

This site reviews several different powerpoints and makes them available for download.

This site offers reference information on the world's more than 6,000 oral languages, many of which face probable extinction in this century.

Global Websites - Awards for the Best  

See some of the web's most innovative multicultural and multilingual sites (Best Global Website Award winners)Global Tribe This PBS website addresses a variety of
global challenges, including child labor, environment, and poverty,by showcasing individuals who have positively changed their world.

Linguistics This is a good place to start for information on the practical application of linguistic knowledge to social and educational problems.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA)  
OELA's National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition & Language Instruction Educational Programs (NCELA) collects, analyzes, synthesizes and disseminates information about language instruction educational programs for English language learners and related programs.

"The Impact of Media Stereotypes on Opinions and Attitudes Towards Latinos"

"Now, After"
(PTSD From A Soldier's Point of View) [contains graphic imagery]

Public Conversations Project 
The Public Conversations Project (PCP) guides, trains, and inspires individuals, organizations, and communities to constructively address conflicts relating to values and worldviews.Racism and Human Rights Around the World Read about racism around the globe and what people are doing to combat it in regions such as Europe , Australia , Africa , and the Middle East.

U.S. Census Bureau 
Demographic information and analyses.

Women's Studies Resources 
Extensive listing of resources from the University of Vanderbilt

The World Is Flat Online video
from MIT explaining the effects of modern technology on future culture.

Zip Skinny
A website that allows you to view the demographics collected by the U.S. Census according to zip code

A World of Difference Institute (sponsored by Anti-Defamation League)
The Institute was formed in furtherance of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) mission to strengthen pluralism in the U.S. by defining and advancing a discipline of diversity education.  Through education, programs, materials, and services, the Institute empowers people to value diversity and eradicate prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination.


American Association for Retired Persons (AARP)

AARP offers seminars on post-career planning, workforce re-entry, and resume writing. The seminars provide not only information but networking opportunities. Call the national headquarters at 800-424-3410 to find out about sessions near you

Anti-Defamation League
The mission of the ADL is to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all citizens alike. Includes information on education, hate groups, and civil rights. 

Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

This web site contains a wealth of information on the subject of diversity and inclusion as integral goals of higher education.  Links include resources on women, global learning, STEM: Project Kaleidoscope, institutional and systemic change, and assessment.  Throughout the year, AAC&U holds meetings and institutes on diversity, learning, and student success.

Central Michigan University CMU) Diversity Resources Project

This website is maintained by CMU librarians to support teaching and research that relates to diversity issues and topics.  This site contains information on library collections and links to outside sources

Diversity Inc
Diversity Inc is the leading publication (print and web-based) on diversity and business issues.  Entertaining and informative links include “Ask the White Guy,” “Diversity Management,” and “Career Advice.”  Each year, Diversity Inc releases its list of Top 50 Companies for Diversity.”  Site features discussion blogs, videos, and information about upcoming conferences.

Diversity Woman
Diversity Woman’s tagline, “Leadership empowerment for women who mean business,” illustrates the focus of this business and magazine.  To help women achieve their career and business goals, this site includes links to a wide variety of issues, such as women’s health, mentoring opportunities, leadership, and “points of view.”

Everyday Democracy (formerly the Study Circles Resource Center)

Everyday Democracy facilitates the use of study circles, meaning small-group, democratic, and highly participatory discussions.  The aim is to foster dialogue and problem-solving on diversity issues such as race and immigration.

The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)
HACE provides linkages, services, programs, and access for Hispanic professionals to private and public organizations, thereby strengthening the foundation for the professional and economic advancement of the Hispanic community.

Associated with Hispanic Business magazine, this site offers a wide variety of information and social networking opportunities, much of it dealing with the Hispanic community.  Links include research, events, technology, news, and marketplace.

Minority Access Inc.
Minority Access is a non-profit organization.  It supports individuals, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and corporations to promote the recruitment, retention, and enhancement of underrepresented populations.  This website includes information on upcoming conferences and ongoing programs.  All posted information is considered public; therefore, it can be copied and shared.

The Multicultural Advantage
A comprehensive career and job site for minority professionals, including a job bank, career and job-hunting, diversity recruitment resources, support groups and chats, and links to minority professional associations.

National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)
NAAAP is the largest and fastest-growing national network of metropolitan organizations dedicated to serving the needs of Asian American professionals across the United States. Links offer fellowship and professional networking opportunities.

National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME)

NAME, a non-profit organization, seeks to promote multicultural education, social justice, and equity.  It provides support for networking, and serves as a clearinghouse of resources on multicultural education.  Also, NAME hosts national as well as international conferences to provide leadership with regard to the advancement of educational equity.

National Black MBA Association, Inc.
Business organization that works to create economic and intellectual wealth for the black community.  The site’s resources focus on career development and educational assistance.

National Hispanic Business Group
Seeks out and expands opportunities for its members by fostering dialogue and economic exchange with the public and private sectors, while supporting social change and community empowerment.

Native Web
Native Web is an international educational organization.  The Native Web site's purpose is to bring together indigenous peoples around the world by providing the tools and resources needed to communicate, disseminate information, and conduct research.  There are links to news, events, job listings, information about legal issues, and other community-oriented resources.

Pew Research Center
Pew describes itself as a “nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping America and the world.”  Findings from its demographic research, public opinion polling, and empirical social science research are cited throughout Diversity Consciousness.

Population Reference Bureau (PRB)
The PRB provides timely information on U.S. and worldwide population trends and their implications. 

Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) is an organization that brings people together in order to help them explore and understand the role of culture in their lives.  More specifically, SIETAR promotes and facilitates intercultural education, training, and research.

Southern Poverty Law Center
The Southern Poverty Law Center combats hate, intolerance, and discrimination through education and litigation. Its programs include Teaching Tolerance, a national education project dedicated to helping teachers at all grade levels foster equity, respect, and understanding in the classroom and beyond.Teaching Tolerance  Excellent resource for activities to increase diversity consciousness - part of Southern Poverty Law Center

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
UNESCO promotes cultural diversity and international cooperation in an effort to create and sustain a true dialogue, based on respect for common values and the dignity of each culture.  Furthermore, UNESCO facilitates the sharing of knowledge in the areas of science, education, culture, and communication.

Wellesley Centers for Women
In 1974, the Center was established to conduct research on issues affecting women.  It focuses on research conducted from the varied perspectives of women and ensures that the research reaches and influences public policy.

WKCD (What Kids Can Do)
WKCD is a national nonprofit organization founded in 2001. WKCD documents the value of young people working with teachers and other adults on projects that combine powerful learning with public purpose for an audience of educators and policy makers, journalists, community members, and students.