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Dr. Richard Bucher is a Professor of Sociology at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC). He teaches a variety of courses, including Introductory Sociology, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, and Race and Ethnic Relations.

From 1991 to 1996, he served as the first Director of BCCC's Institute for InterCultural Understanding (IIU). Under his leadership, the IIU gained national recognition as an innovative diversity education program.

In 2000, he was honored as the Maryland Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Additionally, the National Institute for Staff and Organization Development honored him for teaching excellence.

Rich's interest in diversity issues began as an undergraduate student more than thirty years ago. He received his B.A. from Colgate University, M.A. from New York University, and Ph.D. from Howard University. At Howard, his field of specialization was race and ethnic relations, with a minor in education.

As a professor, Dr. Bucher has created and taught courses dealing with diversity, worked on national grants to infuse diversity into the curriculum, published numerous professional articles, served as an editorial consultant on diversity, and presented at national and international conferences.

Rich has always been actively involved in the community. Each year, he talks to hundreds of youth and adults about diversity and the role it has played in his personal and professional life. Rich describes himself as a family man and fitness enthusiast. He and his wife, Pat, and their three children live in Mt. Airy, Maryland. His oldest son, Jimmy, is autistic and lives in nearby Ellicott City and works full-time at Walmart. Rich's older daughter, Katie is enjoying being a full-time mother, giving a few hours a week to fitness instruction and telecommuting as a financial analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton. Suzy, the youngest, works in the field of public relations and event planning for a chemical education foundation in the DC area.


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ABOUT PATRICIA BUCHER (contributing author):

Patricia L. Bucher is a graduate of Skidmore College and received her Master's Degree in Mathematics Education at Western Maryland College. She has over 60 additional hours of graduate work in the areas of learning differences and behavior management. She currently works for Montogomery County Pulbic Schools (MCPS) as a teacher and chair of the math department at Watkins Mill High School. The student population of MCPS, located in suburban Washington, D.C., is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse in the nation. MCPS serves approximately 137,000 students who speak over 120 different languages.

Pat is an experienced, highly innovative educator. She regularly presents workshops on Teaching Mathematics to Diverse Learners. She has also received local and national recognition for her teaching excellence.

After graduating from Skidmore, Pat had a brief career as a music teacher, which included teaching children with severe emotional, developmental, and behavioral problems. She soon found out that those years would prove invaluable to her after giving birth to her first child, Jimmy, who has autism and mild cerebral palsy. The next fourteen years she spent at home teaching her own son whom many labeled as unteachable. Jimmy can now read a newspaper, watch over his finances, and hold a job. Pat says, "Those years of trying to reach and teach my son taught me more about flexible thinking and creative pedagogy than any other experience of my life."

During that time she also became the parent of two more children and a passionate advocate for children with developmental disabilities. She created a camp in Carroll County, Maryland, where none existed for children like her son, started a parent support group and lobbied locally as well as nationally for better education opportunities for children with disabilities. She was the recipient of the "Carnation Volunteer of the Year for Central Maryland.

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