Professor using Diversity Consciousness conducts research, cited in The Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management , Teaching Business Students About Diversity: An Experiential Multimedia Approach” (Winter/Spring 2001)


Pamela Cox, Professor at State University of New York College at Oswego, discusses the content and evaluation of a diversity course for business students.   The required text for this course was Bucher, Diversity Consciousness.  According to Cox, the vast majority of students surveyed (85%) reported that by “understanding their own diversity, they could better appreciate and value diversity in others.”  95% of students felt that a number of the teaching aids found in Diversity Consciousness, such as films, exercises, and journal questions, were effective ways of learning about diversity.  Finally, 95% of the students 1) felt the course changed the way they felt about diversity and 2) stated the course should be required for all business majors.
Included in the article are the course outline, exercises, and the course evaluation/results.