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All topics are flexible and will be adjusted to suit your needs. Other topics can be fully developed as well.

Diversity Conscious Leadership: Recognizing, Understanding, and Adapting to Intercultural Communication includes:

    • Understanding the Relationship Between Communication and Culture
    • Understanding Others' Communication Styles
    • Identifying Barriers to Intercultural Communication
    • Practicing Effective Listening Techniques
    • Employing an Array of Proven Intercultural Communication Strategies
    • Making the Connection to the Bottom Line

Checking Cultural Lenses includes:

    • Adjusting My Cultural Lenses
    • Understanding the Impact of Cultural Lenses
    • Becoming Aware of My Own Culture
    • Identifying Different Cultural Truths
    • Uncovering Biases
    • Recognizing and Respecting Diverse Cultural Lenses
    • Seeing and Leveraging Commonalities
    • Understanding the Limitations of the Golden Rule
    • Making the Connection to the Bottom Line

Diversity Conscious Leadership: Building Teams in a Multicultural Environment includes:

    • Understanding How Cultural Diversity Affects Team Performance
    • Anticipating Cultural Differences as Teams Develop
    • Recognizing and Responding to Fault Lines
    • Using Cultural Differences and Similarities as Assets
    • Holding Ourselves Accountable
    • Making the Connection to the Bottom Line

Leading With Cultural Intelligence (CQ) includes:

    • Understanding What Leadership Is…and What It Is Not
    • Understanding What Cultural Intelligence Is…and What It Is Not
    • Understanding Why CQ Matters
    • Assessing Your Ability to Lead With CQ
    • Understanding How Cultural Values Influence Your Ability to Lead Effectively
    • Building CQ – Knowledge, Awareness, and Skills
    • Making the Connection to the Bottom Line